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Jason Tucker is the Founder/Director of Love1 ministries in Woodruff, South Carolina.  He and his family are currently serving as Student Pastors at Woodruff Church of God.

Pastor Jason Tucker; is a native of Woodruff, South Carolina.  He accepted Christ around the age of thirty-three years old.  It was during the darkest season of his life he found his greatest gift. Tired of running from God he ran to him, and the Father heard his pleas and cries and saved his soul.  After 33 years of looking like the world, talking like the world, and acting like the world.  God began to change his life from the inside out.  Christ began to work through him showing him how to love, live, and act like Christ.  

Tuck, received his education from Woodruff High School and Southern Wesleyan University where he was also a member of the baseball team.  It was the love and dedication of Coach Mike Gillespie that led, guided, and directed him during this time.  Coach Gillespie, pushed him on and off the field which ultimately led Tuck in being the 1st member of the Tucker family to go to college and receive their degree.  The lesson’s learned by Coach Gillespie are still evident today in how Tuck parent’s his own children and mentors his students in ministry.


Tuck met his wife Lynette and love his life in the summer of 1999, and they married in April of 2004.  They have two wonderful children, Carson and Ava Kate.  They work together in ministry as the Student Pastors at Woodruff Church of God.  The Tucker family loves movie nights together, traveling, sports, and fishing.


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